How To Identify Which Websites Are Collecting And Selling Your Personal Data

 One of the worries on the Internet today is that many Web sites automatically collect personal information from users, which are then sold or exchanged with other service providers. Even if it serves a good purpose, it’s not a good idea!

It’s not just Web sites, even the big guys in technology such as Google, Facebook and Amazon also get a lot of criticism about “automatically” tracking and gathering personal information from users. Although this can help them improve service quality and capture the trend faster, it also causes many hassles, even a great impact on the safety of each user.

Recently, a reddit account named mc1nc4 It has been found that it is best to register for an account at a particular site, so users should use the name of the website to fill in any required information on the screen. At the very least, you will know that the registered website has sold your personal data, and then start showing spam e-mails from companies calling you by the name of the site you posted. sign previously.

 Although this does not help solve the problem, you can minimize the amount of data being sold and decide if you want to continue interacting with it.

If you still feel insecure about your data mining companies, you can use a more professional tool introduced from the Lifehacker site, which can help you to control your personal data in a more efficient way. more effective.

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