iPhone X Has The Best Smartphone Screen Ever Tested

The DisplayMate , known for analyzing screens of mobile and professional monitors, swirled his battery of tests in OLED iPhone X and liked enough of what panel saw: according to the vehicle, the supercaro Apple device has the best smartphone display ever tested today , with A +, outperforming Galaxy Note 8.

The iPhone’s 5.85-inch OLED screen has a resolution of 2436 × 1125 pixels (19.5: 9) and a setting of 458 pixels per inch. DisplayMate congratulates Samsung for manufacturing the component, but “what makes iPhone X the best smartphone display is the precise screen calibration that Apple has developed, turning OLED into a great, high-performance, accurate display magnificent “.

The iPhone X hit the record in brightness for an OLED display, with 634 nits, resulting in excellent viewing under sunlight. According to the DisplayMate, the Galaxy Note 8 reaches 1,240 nits, but only in small regions of the screen – in the entire panel, the brightness is up to 423 nits. Apple also hit a record-setting angle of view, with only 22% reduction in brightness at a 30-degree tilt (29% in Galaxy Note 8).

But the best feature was the color accuracy: the screen reached an index of 0.9 JNCD, which is “visually indistinguishable from the perfect”. This number puts the OLED of the iPhone X as the most accurate screen ever tested by DisplayMate, considering not only smartphones, but also monitors and TVs.

It’s an important brand because the OLED was notorious for displaying inaccurate colors, sometimes too saturated. This has been changing in recent years, especially in Samsung’s line tops, but has reached a new level with the iPhone X: it was better than the iPhone 7 LCD (1.0 JNCD) and the Galaxy Note 8 AMOLED (3, 1 JNCD in precision mode, which is still better than most 4K TVs on the market).

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The full analysis is in the DisplayMate . But having the best screen will hurt in the pocket: the iPhone X will be sold in Brazil by the end of the year, costing between $ 6,999 and $ 7,799 . Just be careful not to knock it down .

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