How To Protect Your Phone From Charging in Public USB Ports?

Public USB charging ports in public is an efficient and convenient, but that might be a bit risky as well. If you are running low power you need to charge up so you went for Public USB ports which will be an advantage for you to charge up your phone.

But, this risky step which must be avoided as because your data is transferable it can send and receive over that USB port connection so it would be an issue for you and must always go for safe side.

The USB charging ports at Hotel, Stations, airport and public places may not just charge your phone but can transfer data, it can copy your contact list, emails, messages, photos and videos. It can also copy your passwords, personal contacts, banking information and many other information on your phone.

This can add malware or codes which may be dangerous for you phones security. As the android device security is still outdated. This could be attact which may slow down your phone and make unnecessary security changes.

IPhones are bit safe as they have added USB restriction mode which protects from password cracking tools. On the other hand if you have Android phone its bigger risk which could be unpatched easily.

How To Protect Your Phone From Charging in Public USB Ports?

  • You must carry a cord which transfer’s only power not data, You must mark the cord so that you cannot use accidentally when you need to transfer data, such as saving photos to your computer.
  • You can protect phone from Public USB ports by carrying your own portable battery (i.e Powerbank etc.) which will keep your phone protected from those transferable USB ports in public.
  • If you don’t have your portable battery or cord you can still charge your phone in Public USB ports but for that you need to turn off your phone and keep it on charge which will protect your phone from giving access to USB ports in the public.
  • Always charge full before you leave from home or work which can help you to not to use those public USB ports and protect your phone from those Public ports.
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These were few tips which can help you to be protected from attackers by Public USB ports.

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Not all the USB ports charging Hub try to get data or download malware into it many of them just do what they said i.e charge for free and don’t put malware on to it.

You must try to avoid these public USB ports as much as possible because these can be one of the major problems for you if they took the data like contacts, pictures and videos, important file etc any thing.

Hope you liked it if you have any queries regarding to this you can share in the comments section we will respond as soon as possible.

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