How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account

Guide On How To Recover Hacked Instagram Account

Recover Instagram Account
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We know how does it feel to be hacked. Especially when you know that one of your social media accounts like Instagram got hacked. What to do then? Sadly we can’t prevent them from the beginning. But we can recover a hacked Instagram account and get them back for sure.

And Getting success in recovering your Instagram password will depend on whether you still have access to your email account linked to the profile or cell phone number.

To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account, Follow these Steps.

Try to reset the login, follow the steps below: 

1 – Open the Instagram app and tap the “Get help to enter” option.

2 – Touch the “Use username or e-mail” option.

3 – Enter the username and tap the arrow to request account recognition.

4 – Access the email account associated with the profile in Instagram, and follow the instructions to register a new password.

5 – Log in to your account and change your username.


There is another possibility of trying to regain login, provided you have previously linked your Instagram account to your Facebook profile. To verify that this option is active, go to this link ( here ) and search if Instagram is authorized to share the login. If the hacker has changed that option too, then you won’t be able to recover your Instagram account.

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Increase security for Your Instagram Account.

Recover A Hacked Instagram Account
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Instagram offers additional features to protect your account, called “Two Factor Authentication.” With this additional layer, it will be necessary to inform an access code received by SMS message in addition to having to enter the registered password. You need to provide that code while configuring Instagram Account on your phone. To enable “Two Factor Authentication,” follow the steps below:

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1 – Run Instagram, and access the settings.

2 – Touch the “Require security code” option.

3 – Enter the code received by SMS message.

Don’t Lose It Again After You Recover A Hacked Instagram Account.

After enabling those, Instagram will provide some more codes that you need to save on the device. If you lose them, simply request new codes by repeating the steps described above. If you exactly follow those tips, then there is no chance of getting you Instagram account hacked again. And you won’t need to search on Google, ” How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account ” again and again.

With these all, I have written how to recover your hacked Instagram Account back. I hope you like it along with tips to secure your Instagram Account. This enough for now.

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  1. I advice you please be careful when looking for hackers because you will come across so many pretending to be real but are scammers, i know how they operate because i have fallen vicim so many times till i opened up to my boss who informed me about this Russian bohdanbohdan93 @ mail ru restored my accounts in 4days. i am sorry if they feel offended i exposed them but so many need this information sorry

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