How To Recover Deleted Administrator Account In Windows 10

Generally, there are two types of user accounts in Windows 10 they are the Guest user and administrator account. It is usually better to use your user account with a standard user account however sometime you might accidentally end up deleting the Administrator account.

If that happens by chance, how can you recover the deleted administrator account, as to create a standard user account and to create a new admin can be done by the admin account itself.

Here’s how to recover deleted administrator account in Windows 10

The built-in administrator account

Microsoft usually has a built-in administrator account in Windows. You cannot delete it however you can search for it and then open the command prompt which has all the admin rights.

You can choose run in the search results or can even right-click on it and give a command to activate the built-in administrator account. It will help you to turn the existing standard account and replace the user name so you can put the current user name.

After that, you can create your new user account with the help of the administrator rights and can even turn off the built-in administrator account. In case you can’t run the Command Prompt then simply go to the Start menu and tap on it, click on the Shift key and then Restart it.

It will basically help you to boot it to Windows 10 Recovery Environment. After that select Troubleshoot and go to Advanced options and tap on command prompt. You should also turn off the built-in admin account.

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The local security policy

Firstly go to the start menu and search for the local security policy. When the command prompt does not work, ensure that the administrator account status is already enabled.

In case it is not enabled then just double click on it so as to open it. After that check the security setting and enable it.

The hack of Registry

Before trying this thing, you should first make sure that you have backed up everything on your external hard drive. Then you should reboot your computer into the Recovery environment of windows 10.

After rebooting when you again open the Command prompt you should enter Regedit. The registry editor can be opened with it and then you can double-tap. Simply select the File menu and then the load Hive and rename it.

Now open the file after selecting the File name. After that navigate it below the folder structure. Simply tap on the FDWord file to open it. Now reboot your computer and create a new user with completely new admin rights.

Reset the Computer

After taking all the back up, and being now on the safer side, you can easily reset your computer. The Advanced Start-Up options can be entered by pressing on to Windows Key+ 1 buttons.

Now open the settings then and tap on update and security in it and reset it in the Recovery tab. After that remove everything from there and then change the settings in such a way to wipe off only the C drive.

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The on-screen instructions should be followed and after that reset the computer however only make sure that it is perfectly connected to a source of power.

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