How To Rename Network Bar On iPhone Running iOS 11

You probably want to rename the default network on the iPhone but in the past to do this you need to jailbreak the device but now has a much simpler way.


  • This method only applies to devices running iOS 11.0> iOS 11.1.2.
  • There may be a conflict in the implementation process so you need to consider before implementation.
  • TECHRUM is not responsible if your iPhone is stuck or has to re-run the software as well as any bugs (if any).

The steps are as follows:

First, you need to install the Filza File Manager application.

Then open the Filza File Manager application installed and access the path:

  • / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundle.bundle / carrier.plist

Then find the line StatusBarImages, if not found with the path above you can search under the path:

  • / var / mobile / Library / Carrier Bundles / Overlay

Next you look for the StatusBarCarrierName line and edit the network name to the name you want.

Complete the steps above you made Respring (restart) iPhone and enjoy the results.

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