Samsung Launches The Thrive App, Expecting You To Spend Less Time On The Galaxy Note 8

Recently, Samsung introduced a new application for the Galaxy Note 8 called Thrive. With the motto of your phone though very useful, but sometimes you need to spend less time and enjoy life, Thrive is a free application that allows you to block all notifications including call, text, and things related to the application for a certain period of time. You can use this app whenever you need to temporarily leave the notifications on your phone.

The Thrive app also has an auto-reply feature that notifies you of the caller or message that you are in a resting state. If you want, you can create a VIP list of people authorized to contact you at any time. It also has an App Control app that lets you limit application usage time.

According to Samsung, Galaxy Note 8 users have been able to install the Thrive application on January 16th on the Galaxy App store. Thrive is not developed by Samsung itself, but this application is a product of Thrive Global. The company said it will soon provide applications for many Samsung devices as soon as possible.

The video below gives you a glimpse of what this thrilling Thrive application is all about and how it works to help you get more out of your time. Experience this new application on your Samsung Galaxy phone as quickly as possible.



You can download the application Thrive on Galaxy Note 8 via Galaxy App:

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