Windows 10 comes with many features and tools that allow users to customize their preferences. However, if you want to use live wallpaper on Windows 10 then you will need a separate support software. Here, TECHRUM will share and guide how to use GIF image as a desktop background by BioniX, especially not take up too many resources on the computer such as RAM or CPU.

How to set wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop:

Step 1: Download BioniX desktop wallpaper changer in the link below.


Step 2: Download the animation in. GIF format on the computer (find on Google pretty much all of you).

Step 3: Open the software and click on Wallpaper source.

 Step 4: Continue to press Playlist in the new interface that appears and select the gif image you want. If not appear, save the gif image to a folder under the following path: C: \ Users \ [TEN_USER] \ onedrive \ Pictures 

Step 5: Right-click the GIF you want to set a wallpaper and select Apply / Refresh Wallpaper.

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