How To Use GIF Images As Wallpaper In Windows 10 Pc

Windows 10 comes with many features and tools that allow users to customize their preferences. However, if you want to use live wallpaper on Windows 10 then you will need a separate support software. Here, TECHRUM will share and guide how to use GIF image as a desktop background by BioniX, especially not take up too many resources on the computer such as RAM or CPU.

How to set wallpaper on Windows 10 Desktop:

Step 1: Download BioniX desktop wallpaper changer in the link below.


Step 2: Download the animation in. GIF format on the computer (find on Google pretty much all of you).

Step 3: Open the software and click on Wallpaper source.

 Step 4: Continue to press Playlist in the new interface that appears and select the gif image you want. If not appear, save the gif image to a folder under the following path: C: \ Users \ [TEN_USER] \ onedrive \ Pictures 

Step 5: Right-click the GIF you want to set a wallpaper and select Apply / Refresh Wallpaper.

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