What Is a Finsta and How Do You Use it?

Nowadays, Finstas are really a big talking point for teenagers and local news channels. In this post, we are going to explain what are they? Why do kids make them, and how do you use a Finsta?

What Is a Finsta?


Generally, most people have only one Instagram account, but sometimes, people make an additional one. These fake Instagram accounts are referred to as Finstas. They are usually secretive, anonymous, or full of images that are not relevant to a person’s primary account.

Some people create Finstas to keep certain posts or stories away from being public. While anyone including strangers or co-workers can see a regular Instagram “Rinsta” account. Basically a Finsta is only available to select friends or family.

Of course, some Finstas are absolutely secret. You might create one to hide photos, stories, or activities from certain friends or family members, or to browse and comment anonymously on Instagram posts.

Sometimes, though people use a Finsta to host memes, vacation videos, or cool art pieces. They are now part of the Instagram experience and have made things like pet accounts possible. So, why do Finstas get such a bad press?

Finstas Are Not a Bad Thing

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Extra accounts have always been a useful way to maintain privacy and act anonymously, or have a bit of fun online. Hence Finstas is nothing new, it is just another iteration of a trend that has been around since bulletin boards and IRCs.

However, that does not make Finstas seem any less dubious. Why would anyone especially a teenager need to keep secret or private photos on the Internet? Why can’t you just set your Instagram account to “private” or “friends only?”

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Although most private photos are not raunchy, offensive, or embarrassing, they are just private. Instagram is a really great place to share photos with friends or family members.

However, it is also an open forum for acquaintances, strangers, or potential employers to look into your life. A Finsta allows people to share personal images that, in the past, would have been shared in a scrapbook or picture frame.

So, that does not sound too bad, right? Maybe it is now time to make your own Finsta!

How to Make and Manage a Finsta


Making and managing Finsta is very easy. Just like Twitter, you can access multiple Instagram accounts from the Instagram app without dancing through login screens. It is as easy as pushing a button.

Here’s How to Make a Finsta:

Step 1: First, open the Instagram app.
Step 2: Now go to your profile, the bottom right icon next to the heart.
Step 3: Then tap the three lines at the top-right corner of “Your Profile” to open the Profile menu.
Step 4: Click the Settings icon at the bottom of the Profile menu.
Step 5: Scroll down and click “Add Account.”
Step 6: Then create a new account.
Step 7: Now that you have created a new Instagram account, here is how you switch between the accounts on your app:

Go to your profile.

Step 1: Tap your username at the top-left of the screen.
Step 2: Choose the account to which you want to switch.
Step 3: That’s all there is to it. If you want to hide your account from strangers then, go to the Privacy Settings and set your account to private.

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You can have up to five accounts on the Instagram app, Hence feel free to make a Finsta for pictures of your pets, too. You never know your cat might become Instafamous!

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