How To Access Messages That Have Been Deleted In WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp finally allowed messages that were already sent to be deleted by the user. When someone sends a text, photo, video (anything!) And regrets, they can erase them all for up to seven minutes after sending it.

Once deleted, the message is even deleted from the notification center on iOS; on Android, the text appears with the warning “This message has been deleted”, including in the system notifications bar.

But thanks to an extra Android feature, you can still see the content. A Spanish blog has discovered that the deleted message in WhatsApp continues in the log of notifications of the system, registry that can be easily accessed. See how:

  1. Install this application that gives direct access to the log;
  2. Open it – it shows the System Notifications log. Look for WhatsApp ;
  3. Tap the notification and search for android.text. This will be the message that has been deleted if it is no longer visible in WhatsApp;

The trick has some negatives:

  • the notification log saves the information for only a few hours and is cleared if the phone is restarted;
  • the message may only be displayed if you have seen or interacted with the notification;
  • each record stores only the first 100 characters of the message;
  • photos, videos, and other media can not be seen by the app.

Still, it’s a good break for those who are curious about what they received and did not have time to see.

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