Know All About New Apple iPhone 11 series, Series 5 Watch, Apple TV+

Apple hosted the special event of the year in the underground Steve Jobs Theater located on its Cupertino, California. Apple really wants you to own its products, no matter what you have got in your bank account. The company unveiled Apple iPhone 11 series, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple TV+ Pricing, and many more things.

The chief executive Tim Cook and various Apple executives took turns onstage hyping up and demonstrating new features. Tim Cook kicked off the event by saying Apple makes “products and technology that are designed in the service of humanity.”  At the Apple special event Phil Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Presented the new iPhone 11 Pro

Apple on Tuesday launched new cheaper watches and new Apple iPhone 11 series and refreshed the entry-level iPad. It also announced the pricing and release dates for new subscription services and its long-awaited Netflix rival Apple TV +.

The iPhone 11 having two cameras starts at $699 or Rs 64,900 in India. The iPhone 11 Pro having three cameras starts at $999 and iPhone Pro Max at $1099.
In the special event, the company announced the pricing for two of its newest subscription products launching this year: Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ (both Rs. 99 a month in India).

If you want to have all of every Apple offering, you have to pay the company $479.40 a year. That is all for Apple Music, News+, iCloud, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. But it doesn’t include Apple Care, Apple la carte books, movies, TV and apps from the App Store.

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In fact, Apple’s pricing was perhaps the most significant news of the day. Apple is launching its every new product in an aspect that an earlier Apple user never leaves Apple company.

Also, Apple’s subscription prices are almost half of what other competitors charge for entertainment and video game streaming. All these are meant to attract a broad audience and not to only people who can afford thousand-dollar phones.

Apple also reduced the prices of its older watches and announced a new iPad for students and other mainstream customers. The company’s watches and Air pod are somehow less good without an iPhone.

Apple announced the new Apple 11 phone on the special event. It has dual cameras one is wide and other is an ultrawide 12-megapixel camera. The camera software has also been updated by Apple.

According to Apple Three cameras is always better than two cameras. The company also introduced a couple of new high-end smartphones. The 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and 6.1-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. Moreover, Apple says it will let users take professional quality photographs and 4K videos.

The Apple smartphones start at $999 (Rs. 99,900 in India) for the Pro and $1,099 (Rs. 1,09,900 in India) for the Pro Max. The Apple iPhone 11 line is scheduled to be available on September 20.

On event, Apple announced the seventh generation of its main iPad: a new 10.2-inch device with 3.5 million pixels. iPad has a smart connector to pop it onto a keyboard which works with the Apple Pencil and runs on iPad OS. The iPad will cost $329 and shipping will start from September 30.

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Tim Cook also unveiled the company’s new Apple Watch. The new Apple watch is the fifth version of the device and always has an always-on display. On the previous versions of the watch face turned off when not in use to preserve battery.

The new Apple Watch is the device that Apple hopes will open the door to the lucrative health-care industry. This is also the area where analysts could help drive profits for the company as iPhone sales slow. The watches start at $399 (Rs. 40,900 in India) and are to come out on September 20.

Apple announced two new subscription services. Tim Cook revealed all-new details about Apple TV+ which is the company’s competitor to Netflix. Apple TV+ will be available on November 1. Tim Cook also screened a new trailer for “See,” a post-apocalyptic series in which everyone in the future is blind. It costs around $4.99 for a month.

Apple announced its forthcoming game-subscription service, Arcade for the same $4.99 for a month. Arcade will have 100 games that are exclusive to Apple devices including mobile devices, Macs and the Apple TV. Arcade will launch on September 19 in more than 150 countries.

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