Comparing Photos Of The iPhone X With The iPhone 3G

It’s been 10 years since the first iPhone came out and now the iPhone X is the most expensive and expensive iPhone Apple has ever made. In the past 10 years, how has the image quality changed on the iPhone?

Recently, CNET has made a funny comparison test when the iPhone 3g was released 10 years apart to compare photos. However, the first iPhone launched will have some limitations but no selfie camera or operating system that the machine can use is iOS 3.1.3. Here is a detailed comparison.

Camera interface

 The first iPhone has a very simple camera interface, no video recording, EV compensation or two fingers to zoom the image. Compared to the iPhone X, it loses much in terms of various modes, including panorama, slow motion, time-lapse and portrait mode.

Portraits and landscapes

iPhone X 
iPhone 3G 

The above picture captures a newlywed couple on the iPhone X in portrait mode and on the first iPhone does not use any effects. In good light conditions, the pictures taken on the first iPhone did not take too much detail. However, they will have fog layers.

iPhone X 
iPhone 3G 

In addition, the landscape picture taken on the old iPhone looks closer because it owns lens focal length 37mm equivalent, slightly more than 28mm on iPhone X.

The dim lighting

iPhone X 
iPhone 3G 

Most smartphones are difficult due to low light conditions. The first iPhone will not have optical OIS optical aperture, the narrow aperture makes the machine does not get much bright, easily blurred when shaking hands. This makes the image taken from the first iPhone will lose much more than the iPhone X.

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What the first iPhone to do is still worth praise. Simple camera interface, only one button and no other option you just press and capture. In addition, the machine also has a design “extremely compact” easily put in your pocket or pants carry away.

But with the iPhone X, we will have a very impressive camera, a powerful performance today and a completely new design from Apple.

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