How To Export WhatsApp Chat As PDF

Among all the Instant Messaging Apps present in the market WhatsApp is the most popular in today’s world. In case you want to export WhatsApp chat as PDF for any reason then there are certain methods that can easily be used to export the WhatsApp chat in a PDF format.

One can easily use WPS office which is available on Play Store and is also the best suite app of Android. In this post, we are going to explain how to export WhatsApp chat as PDF.

WhatsApp is the most used app nowadays and almost by millions of users. It’s very easy to make video calls and voice calls and to exchange text messages. When you are using WhatsApp for business, you can also add certain features to it, like creating reply templates, scheduling messages and other features.

It is more important to save the WhatsApp chat especially when one is using it for official purposes. Now how can you export WhatsApp chat as PDF? It is mainly useful for both back-ups as well as for recovering WhatsApp chats. You can surely export files in .txt file but exporting it to PDF is usually not allowed.

However, if it is for business or legal purposes then it is essential to export it into pdf format. Although the process is easy, you will be needing a third-party app to export the chats in the pdf format. Just follow these simple steps to do so:

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Here’s How To Export WhatsApp Chat As PDF

Step 1: Firstly install the WPS office app after downloading it from the Android smartphone on the Play Store.

Step 2: After installing it then open your WhatsApp android app. Then open the chat that you wish to export in the PDF format.

Step 3: Now you can see a three-dotted menu icon. It will be on the top right corner. Then tap on export chat.

Step 4: After that, you will see a pop-up window. There you will have to select “Select Without Media”.

Step 5: Now you will see a Share Menu. From there choose Gmail.

Step 6: In Gmail, you will basically have to send the file to a recipient, which then export chat. The TO field of the Gmail should be filled by your own mail address. It is most important as you will receive the mail in your mailbox.

Step 7: After you have finished the entire download, you will be able to open the exported chat on the WPS Office itself.

Step 8: Then tap on File.

Step 9: Now you will have to select the option Export to PDF. This is the simple and easy process with the help of which you can convert the chat and conversations to the PDF format.

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