Google Updates Their Search Result To Make You Spend More Time On It

Google already displays detailed information on various subjects thanks to the Knowledge Graph and featured snippets that accompany the search results. Now, the search engine will add more related searches so you spend more time searching.

The featured snippets are those results that come from a site, which are collected by Google and displayed in a summary at the top of the search page. In the official blog, Google has announced that featured snippets now show images and related searches. If you search on monkeys and a zoo site has this information, the research will look like this:

In addition, Google has the knowledge map, which stores a lot of information about various search results, such as the opening hours of an establishment or how high is Donald Trump.

The novelty is that now the panels of knowledge also show related information. When you research on alpine skiing, for example, you can see related sports in search results such as snowboarding.

Also, if you are searching alot for a certain subject, the search engine will suggest more information. If you search for Neymar and then Messi, for example, you will see a tab that shows related players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suárez.

As you might imagine, all this is a tactic to make you spend more time on the quest. Just search for some subject, touch a related result and when you see it has already passed more than an hour.


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