A Guide To Follow When Choosing A New Computer Screen

There are many reasons why our monitors cannot be used anymore, such as being completely corrupted, too low resolution or display quality is not as good as it was at the beginning. That’s when you should upgrade to a new screen to be able to serve the best for work and entertainment. But how to choose a new product that meets both the demand and not quickly become obsolete? You should note some of the following points.


Most people know, the greater the resolution and the sweeping frequency, the more content displayed on the screen, the smoother the image, and the more marketable the resolution. Different for HD, Full-HD, 2K, 4K, 5K, or even 8K monitors, but not always the choice of high-resolution products. It is not sure when these two parameters are greater, our experience will be as expected, but it also depends on the power of the computer you are using as well as the real demand of each person.

 If you choose between full-HD for 60fps and 2k for double, but only fps for 20, then you’ll have a full-HD resolution. Another aspect that we should just stop at 1080p is the widespread resolution that most computers today can run smoothly, the ability to display quite clearly. Of course, if the financial balance, as well as the computer, is strong enough, the choice of high-resolution screen is also good, otherwise, Full-HD screen is already good enough.

 Screen Technology

Like the resolution, the screen technology is also very diverse, suited to the needs as well as the financial level of each person. Some of today’s most prominent technologies are TN (liquid crystal display screen), VA (liquid crystal display screen), IPS (Liquid Crystal Display) or QLED Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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 TN technology is quite popular now thanks to the affordable price, but for feedback as well as the refresh rate is quite good. The disadvantage of this technology is that the viewing angle is very narrow so only slightly change the viewing angle, the color display also changes. Next, to the VA screen, the strength of this technology is its realistic reproducible color reproduction and high contrast, but when displaying fast-moving content, the “ghost”. Meanwhile, IPS panels provide wide viewing angles for good color and contrast, but slower response times, creating motion artifacts.

 One of the technologies being considered the future of computer monitors is now QLED. It still needs to use LEDs to light up, but is equipped with microscopic particles that are only about 2 – 10 nanometers in diameter and each quantum dot is capable of displaying distinct colors, so when light goes through These quantum dots will give you extremely high brightness as well as very accurate color, ultra-wide viewing angles and very fast response rates.

 In addition, the QLED monitors are equipped with anti-glare film that absorbs light, so whether we use it in any lighting conditions, The display is extremely accurate and the contrast is deep.

Response speed and scan frequency

In a nutshell, the smaller the ms-ms response rate and the higher the scan frequency, the better. High-speed responsive screens will minimize blurry images and smoother images than slow-response displays. Each display technology has its own response speed standards. For VA, IPS you can select screens that have a response time of 5ms that is acceptable, while TN and QLED will have the same response rate. Only 1ms fast.

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 Meanwhile, refresh rate or another name is the scan frequency, which is the number of times the image is scanned per second, measured in Hert (Hz). Most screens now have a scanning frequency of about 60Hz, which means that each second of the screen is 60 times as loud or as high as 120Hz or 144Hz. But that does not mean that you choose high refresh rate screens, the image will be smoother. It depends on whether your current computer can meet the scan frequency equivalent to that screen or not. That means that even if you bite the extra money to choose 120 Hz or 144Hz screen but your PC is only 60fps frame rate is no different than the 60Hz screen is cheaper.

Pricing and Warranty

The resolution, the size of the screen, and the display technology all affect the cost of each product and depending on the purpose and level of financing of each person to choose. Choose a reasonable screen.

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