Important WhatsApp Features That You Should Know

WhatsApp is everyone’s Favourite app for sending text and sharing images and videos with others. Apart from these WhatApp also offers many more important features to users. Here are the important WhatsApp features other than texting and sharing you should know about.

WhatsApp has updated from time to time since its launch. It started as a quick messaging and sharing app. The company has developed its app to more interactive and useful to users. WhatsApp regularly adds more features on its app to make it more efficient.

There are many features in which the company is working on. We can expect features like ‘dark mode’ and ‘fingerprint unlocks’ in future from the app. There are still many useful features of WhatsApp that you didn’t know.We are going to explain to you more useful features of WhatsApp to you other than messaging.

Some Important WhatsApp Features For You –

1. WhatsApp Pay :

WhatsApp is going to launch WhatsApp Pay may be in the next year for users. It is currently tested in the beta phase. After the final modification, WhatsApp Pay will be launched throughout India. WhatsApp Pay is a built-in UPI-based payments system which will work with many banks across the country.

By using the App users can send and receive money directly from WhatsApp chats. Once the app is launched you can send money to your contacts very easily. This App is on the verge of launching in next year in India.

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2. Avoid Group invitation :

Sometimes this app can be too annoying for the users. You continuously get the unnecessary notification in every other minute. This notification comes from the various group charts in which you have taken part. But you can now simply get rid of it by following the below instructions.

Go to the settings menu in the app then, select Account > Privacy > Groups.

There, you can choose ‘Everyone’ which will let anyone add you to groups. Also, you can choose ‘Nobody’ which restricts people from adding you to groups and will send an invitation which will expire in 3 days. You can chose ‘My Contacts’ which will only allow peoples in your contacts to add you in groups.

3. Hide Read Receipts :


The Hide read receipts feature of this app allows users to hide the read receipts. By hiding the read receipts you can prevent other peoples from knowing that if you have read their messages or not. But keep in the mind that enabling this feature will hide the read receipts of other users.

To enable this feature Go to Settings > Privacy > Read receipts. After enabling this you will too not be able to know whether others have read your messages or not. Moreover, read receipts feature don’t apply to the group chats

4. Delete for everyone option :

This feature was updated by the company later in this app. Delete for everyone feature lets the user delete the message that they may have sent mistakenly or to any wrong person. It has now become an important feature for every WhatsApp users.

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To delete the message for everyone long-press the message and select ‘Delete for Everyone’ from the pop-up menu. Once it has been done a message will get displayed in place of it saying “This message was deleted”.This will also be visible to the recipient too notifying them that a message has been deleted.

5. Set Data limit :

Generally, WhatsApp consumes less data and works efficiently on low specifications. This feature of the app offers users to save data. You can find this feature by going to Settings > Data and storage usage.

Here, you can control if media should be downloaded on mobile data or on Wi-Fi and in roaming or not. There is also a low data usage option which will reduce the data consumption during a call.

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