Complete Instructions On How To Make A Press And Hold Facebook Photo Post.

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Press And Hold Facebook Photo

Instructions to Make a Press and Hold Facebook Photo Post

What you will require:

1. iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 9.0 or higher. This does not take a shot at Androids

2. Video OR Photos for your post

3. Cover picture that trains individuals to press and hold to see more

4. intoLive application – get it from the App Store

I will demonstrate to you industry standards to make these on your phone, so all photos and videos should be on your phone.

Step 1: Open intoLive application and select videos/photos.

You can choose up to 30 photographs to make a slideshow inside or uncover a video up to 30 seconds long. I will demonstrate to you proper way to make a slideshow.

This is the thing that individuals will see after they snap and hold down on your post. They should press and hold with the goal for this to work – there is no autoplay.

The application will naturally make a slideshow for you from the photographs you pick, which is absolutely great. Can’t get any more straightforward than that! Simply ensure they have all a similar introduction and viewpoint proportion or they get edited and you could lose parts of your pictures.

Tap the bolt in the upper right corner in the application to go to the subsequent stage.

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Step 2: Select your post photograph – this will be your intuitive picture

This is the thing that everybody will see before they press and hold down on your post.

I prescribe utilizing a picture that has bearings on it guiding individuals precisely. This is still so new that a great many people will have no clue what to do or anticipate!

This is the thing that your devotees will check whether they are seeing the post on a PC, however nothing will happen when they click it. This lone works in the Facebook application on versatile.

Step 3: Save live photograph

Spare this to your camera roll. It will be the last spared picture with a little live photograph hover on the correct base corner.

Step 4: Upload picture to Facebook utilizing the Facebook application on your phone

This will just work in the event that you transfer it utilizing the Facebook application. Here’ is the thing that you’ll have to do:

Transfer it as a photograph. You’ll see the “live photographs” white hover symbol on the photograph (see my cases underneath). Once you have the live photograph transferred, ensure the “Live” catch is flipped on, as it defaults to live OFF. In the event that you don’t do this, it won’t work.

Hit post and you are altogether done!

So now what?

Get Free Facebook Likes for your photos, It’s really simple. 

How might I utilize Press And Hold Facebook Photo?

These sorts of posts get marvelous engagement, since individuals need to tap on them to perceive what is inside and it makes them inquisitive. Individuals are meddlesome!

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Here are a couple of thoughts on how you could utilize them in your business and appreciate expanding reach

Off camera recordings or pictures

Item tributes – before and after pictures

Offer news inside that they need to snap to see (organization deals, advancements… . hi!!)

Make inquiries and uncover the appropriate response inside. Also don’t forget to check our other fun posts on TechBlogUp.

Utilize your creative ability!

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