HP Sprocket vs. Polaroid Zip Printer: Compare Instant Printers

The HP Sprocket And Polaroid Zip Printer are portable photo printers which are very similar. Similar in size to an external HD, the devices does not use ink to print photos on time on special paper.

Its just simple as turning on Bluetooth and connecting via phone and get digital photos anywhere anytime in less than a minute.

Below are the comparison HP Sprocket and Polaroid Zip printers with features. Which will help you to select which one to buy.


HP Sprocket

Design and Usability

This both printers are almost identical in size, with a slight portability advantage Polaroid Zip Printer, which is a smaller bit at the time. Although, Polaroid can be carried out in smaller pockets. But, on the other hand , it is heavier than HP Sprocket : 186g vs 172g of HP Sprocket.

It is very easy to use as both the company has its free app from play store. It also allows you to edit before sending to print the photos.

Compatibility and connections

HP Sprocket And Polaroid apps work on iPhone (iOS) and Android phones. Polaroid’s Zip Printer wins in connectivity because it is the only one of the NFC- equipped pair , which allows quick-to-touch pairing with a compatible smartphone. The speed of data transmission itself, however, is given by Bluetooth 3.0, even standard in the HP model – currently, modern phones already have Bluetooth 5.0 .

Impression quality and yield

 This device does not require ink to print photos in less than a minute. For this, a special size of paper is required type:( 2X3 inches or 5X7 cm), that can turn sticker if back film is removed.
The quality of the pictures may vary slightly between models depending on the calibration chosen by the manufacturer, but nothing that interferes with the result in depth. The level of detail of the print, therefore, tends to be very similar.
This device has inbuilt battery with 500 mAh capacity, which promises to be good enough to print upto 25 photos in one charge.

Price and value for money

The Polaroid Zip Printer is sold online for About 900$. And recently released HP Sprocket can be found for a lesser price for less than 800$ in stores in internet. For the special papers cost around 50$ for both printers.

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By keeping in mind the functions and features are same the difference in value in favor of HP Sprocket ends up making the HP release more suitable for printing photos anywhere.

Printer specifications HP Sprocket x Polaroid Zip Printer

HP Sprocket Polaroid Zip Printer
Price in Brazil $ 800 $ 900
Print Mode No ink No ink
Paper Zink paper 2×3 inch sticker Zink paper 2×3 inch sticker
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC
Compatibility Android and iOS Android and iOS
Drums 500 mAh 500 mAh
Dimensions 75 x 230 x 11.6 mm 74 x 120 x 22.8 mm
Weight 172 g 186 g



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